Welcome to Opendoorz Networking

Opendoorz is a business networking group in Oxfordshire providing business connections and assisting businesses in new business development.  Opendoorz takes a very pro-active stance on business networking through their approach offering networking training, events and workshops in topics such as using social media marketing.

There are no secrets about how Opendoorz makes networking work better.  The foundations of the Opendoorz networking model are based on Relationships, Opportunities and Success.

Relationship (noun)

A significant connection or similarity between two or more people or groups and their involvement with one another.

Opportunity (noun)

A chance, especially one that offers some kind of advantage. A combination of favourable circumstances or situations.

Success  (noun)

The achievement of something desired, planned or attempted.

Opendoorz offers its members:

•              Vibrant  weekly meetings

•              Regular  ‘member showcase’  sessions to focus on gaining specific introductions

•              Monthly guest events

•              CPD sessions included in the meetings to improve key networking, sales and

presentation skills.

•              Twice monthly member clinics

•              Referrals, introductions and recommendations from fellow members

•              Positive support and input from the Opendoorz team

•              Transparent results and performance tracking for all members

•              Exclusive member rates for Opendoorz networking workshops

And from Spring 2011…

•              On-line networking and business resources

•              The opportunity to visit other groups

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