As part of our understanding of networking we are attending other networking groups and reviewing them so that we can point you in the right direction when you are looking for a particular type of networking group.  This month I was a guest at Biscuit Biscotti:

A warm welcome was definitely on offer when I popped along to my local Business Biscotti meeting. There were 20 or so friendly faces drinking tea and coffee and chatting. Several people made a point of coming over to say hi and were keen to introduce me to any strangers in the room. It actually felt more like popping into a friend’s get-together than a networking event which made it easy to relax. People were dropping in and out during the time I was there and there was constant movement around the room. Conversations were easy to join in with; about anything and everything, including business.

Biscotti definitely does what it says on the tin and would appeal to both the novice networker wanting to build the confidence as well as the professional networker who would like the unstructured relaxed environment for an occasional visit. No commitment and no need to book means you would feel inclined just to pop in if you were in the area.

A enjoyable way to spend an hour and I will definitely be popping in again.

Business Biscotti

Portobello Restaurant, Summertown, Oxford

Meeting Date
Monthly Meeting on the fourth Thursday of the month

Meeting Time
9.30 – 11.30am

Contact Details
Mike Northover
07801 192552

Official Word
Business Biscotti is a dynamic business networking community that powerfully combines local group meetings, with online business networking.
Business Biscotti is a different way to network – it’s FREE to join online and FREE to visit offline. There are no restrictions on who can join and no need to attend Business Biscotti meetings.

If you do visit a group you will be made very welcome, just drop into any group meeting, at any time – there are no membership or attendance fees, no restrictions and no commitments.

Although you do have to buy your own coffee!

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