We’re a new networking group but we will thrive with recommendations from you, our members and prospective members.

We’d love to hear what you think of our networking group and be able to pass on those thoughts to other prospective members in the hope that they’ll swell our ranks and help us to achieve more results for the whole group. ¬†Recommendations work well in this way and we’d appreciate your comments so that we can learn and develop into a networking group that everyone would like to be part of.

Don’t be shy, tell us what you think!

Here are a few to show you who is talking about us:

“Many thanks Cathy for another superb training session it was excellent, I feel that I gained a lot from it. It was especially great for a relative “newbie” like myself. Learning from tried and tested strategies boosted my confidence and I am sure will generate more business. The session was lively and full of light bulb moments and nuggets of wisdom; definitely a great use of my time. I would most certainly recommend this training session to anybody new to networking or who struggle with it.” Darren Joiner Dazbus


One Response to Recommendations

  1. I’ve been with Opendoorz Business Networking for 6 weeks now and have really welcomed the ‘grown up’ approach to networking. Through the contacts there I have secured two pieces of business already and have a number of proposals awaiting approval. I was concerned about attending a weekly meeting at first but now find it a welcome respite in my week and, as it’s later in the day, it’s also a good time to catch up with friends and colleagues and discuss my business. The ‘clinics’ are a great help as we all get to discuss serious matters that affect our business and get the help we need from the other members. It’s definitely the best business networking group I’ve attended in the past two years and I have been to so many of them now. I can heartily recommend Cathy’s approach.

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