Think POP!

Think POP… Prepared, Open and Peeled!

Before you go to see a client:-

Think about your fellow members? Who might be good to introduce?

What could they do for them?

How might you introduce them or their service/product?

What would be a good probing question?

Keep your ears open and get curious about what they say:-

Once you train yourself to listen for clues it is amazing what you hear.

Ask questions and explore the answers. All may be rosy in their world but there might just be a couple of issues that they need help with…and who knows you may just know a man/woman who can.

Keep your eyes peeled for signs:-

There are lots of visible signs of stress and problems; equally there are visible signs of expansion and success. Ask about what you see it may just be an opportunity for an introduction.

Never underestimate the effect making a good introductions has on your own relationships with both parties.

As they say ‘Once you POP you just can’t stop’!

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About Opendoorz Professional Business Network

Cathy Dunbabin - Avid F1 fan, adores heels and OTT jewellery. Mum to 2 fabulous daughters, an eternal optimist and partial to a night at the casino. Always sees an opportunity and synergies, loves connecting business professionals and doing what she was born to do... professional networking!
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